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More than 1,200 highly-trained Körber professionals in Pécs, southern Hungary, offer extensive services in the field of machining and manufacturing. Our site is among the largest in the region and has been a cornerstone of the local economy since 1994. From construction, through machining, sheet metal processing, assembly to the development of complete machines, Körber provides it all in Pécs. See our corporate policy here. The brand represents cutting edge technology in machining and offers real professional opportunities in Pécs. Be a part of our success!

  • Stability

    Körber is a stable company that has been operating in Pécs for more than a quarter of a century. As part of the German-based Körber Group, it is a major player in the global market for custom machine building. It is a significant investor in planning for the long term, a reliable employer and an active supporter of the local community.

  • Benefits

    Outstanding and predictably increasing salary, holiday voucher, variable pay. Extra allowances (Christmas, loyalty and performance-based corporate bonus), allowances for commuting to work, starting school, summer children's camps and discounted mobile fleet and employer home loans are available for all colleagues.

  • Leisure

    Sport activities for every employee for a symbolic price in 17 clubs/divisions and a minimum 25 days of paid leave. Opportunities for part-time work, working from home and every year we hold a large-scale family day and other smaller events with gifts. The Körber ID card offers discounts at an ever increasing number of local shops and service providers.

  • State-of-the-Art

    Exceptional working conditions await colleagues at Körber. Our production equipment and machining centers represent state-of-the-art technology, including machines that are unique in the entire region.

Körber has been present in Pécs for over 25 years and operates one of the most established industrial manufacturing facilities in the region. It offers a secure and predictable work environment and, thanks to its future-oriented thinking, a real opportunity for professional development. We know that the key to our success is the creativity and commitment of our colleagues. That's why it is important to us to create an environment in which they can perform in a strong team, turning ideas into our customers' success. We reward professional performance with outstanding pay and offer a plannable work schedule to balance family life and work. Pioneer your career together with us!

  • Machinery

    Our high technology machinery and experienced workers know no impossible in terms of professional challenges. Our CNC machines represent state-of-the-art technology and are able to manufacture parts that require extraordinary accuracy, using different materials including welded structures.

  • Sheet Metal Processing

    The Sheet Metal Processing unit at Körber's location in Pécs produces simple and complex components with extraordinary precision that surpass high standards of quality. Our modern equipment and machinery - featuring a laser welder unique in the region - is capable of working with all materials widely used in the machining industry.

  • Assembly

    Highly-trained professionals assemble Körber's customized machines, using 45,000 different types of component parts annually. Thanks to our profound expertise and experience we are able to manufacture custom-designed machines for all industries. Become a part of it!

  • Design and Engineering- High-technology in services

    Körber's goal in Pécs is to provide professional engineering services in the field of customized machine design and manufacturing in Pécs, thus ensuring the long-term success of the company. Increasing efficiency and effectiveness for the benefit of our customers has been a priority for us over the last few years.

  • High quality IT, high quality production!

    We strengthen our market position through continuous IT developments and quality improvement measures. Accordingly, the IT team of Körber in Pécs has high complexity system operation and development tasks and our IT services must be provided with high availability.

  • Logistics - Up-to-date to the tiniest of screws

    The logistics team of Körber is responsible for the procurement, storage and delivery of more than twenty-thousand components of the produced machines. They organize the arrival of raw materials with a high degree of precision, so that everything is available at the right time, fitted to the production schedule. The parts are stored in our digitalized, completely paperless warehouse.

Vocational training and students

Passionate and collaborative personalities wanted! At Körber, the individual development of our employees is part of our philosophy. We empower people at levels, from students to secondary and higher education levels, to find solutions for today and tomorrow. Vocational and university students can participate in dual training in special fields such as machining, welding, mechanical and electrical engineering and IT. The dual training is devided into two parts: theoretical lessons at school and practical training at Körber. Students also have the opportunity to apply for internships at our company, which allows them to get to know the state-of-the-art machining technology and get used to the high quality standards requested by our customers. We are also open to supporting the dissertation research of university students, so let's get in contact to see whether we can rethink the existing and come up with new solutions together.

  • 1994 The Acqusition of the Sopiana Machine Factory

    In 1994 Hauni purchased the Sopiana's production halls, machines and as legal successor, undertook the further employment of 150 workers. That is how Hauni Sopiana Machine Factory was founded, with two production units: Assembly and Machinery, on 10,000 m2 with 210 employees.

  • 2005 Three new producton halls in two years

    Along with the expansion of the sheet metal processing unit, the central warehouse and the machinery assembly are built as well. Therefore the production area of the factory has quadrupled to 40,000 m2 since the turn of the century.

  • 2012 Modernization in the Machinery unit

    The conscious developments' next stop was the renovation of the Machinery's full machine pool. In the second half of the year a technological investment was carried out and introduced, as a result of which machining centers, milling machines, lathes, laser cutting and grinding machines for the production of parts were put into operation.

  • 2021 Hauni Hungaria becomes Körber

    Hauni Hungaria operates as Körber Campus Pécs officially and the legal entity changed to Körber Hungaria Machinery Ltd. as of 1 January 2021, while the owner remained the same.

Factory visits

We welcome around 1,000 people in a year during Körber factory visits in Pécs. An average group has 28 people and spends about two hours exploring the over 50,000 sqm production area. The vast majority of those interested are young students who are about to make a career choice, but we also regularly participate in the Night of Modern Factories program and held a special event for young people with disabilities. Contact us for further information: kommunikacio.hungaria@koerber.hu

High-technology in welding

In the beginning of 2020, a laser welding machine unique in Hungary, was installed and put to work. With the 5 kW machine, we can weld workpieces weighing half a ton with up to 0.1 mm accuracy, and do it faster, more precisely than the traditional methods, while also providing a consistent quality.


The protection of natural and societal environment is an important goal. Environmental aspects - above all waste management and energy efficiency are emphasized in the planning of our investments and in our daily production processes. As part of our local social responsibility programs, we do our share of helping with financial support and volunteer work.